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Healing with Reiki

What is Energy Healing?

Reiki comes from Japan and is a very powerful healing technique. 
The work Reiki is composed of two japanese words "Rei" which means Higher Power and "Ki" which means Life Force Energy.  So in essence Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. 

Everyone has the ability to recieve and channel Reiki.  Some of the benefits to receiving an attunement or session is reduction in stress, releasing of emotional baggage that a person is unable to or unknowing of and give that person the ability to let it go.  It will balance the chakras, opening blocked energy and allowing the body to function as it is meant to.  

What a person can expect to feel from a session is a deep sense of relaxation, almost like a blanket has been lifted off their body.  Quite often there is prickling, warmth and brilliant colors seen.  Problems in life are often visualized giving a means to let the past go.  


Soul Awakening by Candi

For appointments call Candice Mowat 403-638-9472


Karuna Reiki Session 60 min    $85

 (above includes Chakra Clearing)

Angel Card Reading              $30

Crystal Card Reading             $30

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy   $90

Rain Drop Therapy Session    $60