Tranquility Day Spa

2A 200 Main Ave. W. Sundre, Alberta (403)638-2992

Facial Treatments

Aromatherapy Facial          60 min                    $67

    A wonderful treatment for anti-aging, relaxation, and deep cleansing the face.  
This is the beginning step to proper skin care and allows us to analyse your skin to best recommend its needs.   

Galvanic Facial                   75 min                   $75

     This facial deeply cleanses, decongests, and nourishes the skin on a dermal level.  Ampules, essential oils, and natural based products are forced into the deeper layers of the skin with Galvanic Current.  Results are incredible.  

Dermaplaning 60 min $80

Physical exfoliation of dull and dead skin cells, removes peach fuzz from the face, revealing smoother and brighter skin. Dermaplaning helps with age spots, wrinkles and allows for deeper penetration of product. Following treatment, clients will find their cosmetic application is smoother and more even.

With Chemical Peel 75 min $95



Chemical Peel Skin Resurfacing

Glycol, Lactic, Salicylic, Grape Wine Enzymes

    30 min                            $37       Series of 6   $200  

   With Hydrating Mask    $46      Series of 6   $250

      Dramatically reduces wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, regulates oily skin and removes excess dry epidermal flakes.  Can be used to control acne, reduces scarring, balance's skins acid mantle allowing increased healing.

Collagen Eye Treatments   45 min                    $44

                                 Series of 6($38 each)     $230

     The delicate tissues around the eye are among the first to show aging.  Our eye treatments target this area to tighten the skin, reduce crow's feet, and feed the connective tissues for treatment and prevention.  A series of 6  once a week is recommended with a maintenence of once a month. The eye treatment is also available with presso-therapy, which massages and stimulates the muscle around the eyes. This reduces congestion, firms muscles and relieves headaches.

Mini Facial                        30 min                    $41

     This treatment is recommended for controlling acne or for a quick analysis for further skin care treatments.

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Series of 3 treatments 1 hour each         $210

With Chemical Peel                           $31/ treatment


A diamond bit is used as an exfoliant to peel away dead skin cells and irregular texture. It reduces appearance of scars, hyper pigmentation, blackheads, whiteheads, and improves skin re-generation. It is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment resulting in a healthy, firmer appearance of the skin. It is not recommended for dark skin tones, open lesions or cystic conditions, active acne, sunburns, viral infections and certain medication (such as Acutane).



 Our facials use the all natural True Essence Line from Rae Dunphy Aromatics in Calgary. Both skin care products and essential oils are available for purchase.