Tranquility Day Spa

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Hand Care

Please Note: When booking a manicure, please let us know if you currently have shellac polish on!

Shellac Nail Polish                    45 min $44      

Gel-like nail polish cured under a UV light. Great for splitting and peeling nails, as it does not damage your natural nail. Lasts up to three weeks with minimal or no chipping. Perfect for vacations or special occasions when you want your polish to last longer.

French Shellac nail polish               60 min       $49

Manicure with Shellac polish            1hr 15 min   $54

Finish Your manicure off with a fresh finish of shellac nail polish

Regular Manicure                         45 min   $32

Each manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care, scrub, massage

and a polish to finish off.

Heat Treatment Manicure             60 min   $37

Do you suffer from dry cracked hands?  If so this treatment will
help to eliviate this.  Our essential oil based paraffin will increase blood
circulation and deeply moisturize the skin.

French Manicure                          60 min   $36

We finish off this manicure with the clean white tipped polish for
a natural look.

Polish Change                             30 min    $24    

Shellac Change                           45 min    $49  

Hand Reflexology                       60min    $54

Package of 6 for cost of 5                        $265

Reflexology is an ancient healing modality that works Reflex points on the feet and hands to stimulate the body to function properly.  It is a detox for the whole body, can help with chronic pain management, increase the ability to have a restful sleep and aid in digestion to list a few of the benefits you will receive from a treatment. Hand reflexology includes a deep tissue massage of the forearms, bringing relief to people with repetitive tasks in their work or hobbies.