Tranquility Day Spa

2A 200 Main Ave. W. Sundre, Alberta (403)638-2992


Thai Massage                                           75 min          $91.50

An ancient form of massage created from the monks in Thailand.  The
Thai philosophy is that every illness comes from an emotion or experience
we are not willing or able to release.  Thai massage assists us in doing just
that.  The massage is performed on cushions on the floor where we will stretch,
pull, and manipulate your body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. You will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing for this amazing treatment.

Hot Stone Massage                                     75 min              $91.50

     Let your body melt as we massage heated stones over your body allowing
deep release of stress from the muscles without painful manipulations.  A
wonderful gift for anyone.

Indian Head Massage                                  30 min              $51

If you have never experienced a massage before, this is a perfect introduction! 
This technique originates from India and was performed on children and the
elderly to increase brain function.  It stimulates energy flow, alleviates headaches,
shoulder stress, and gives the body a sense of peace. The Indian Head Massage is performed in a massage chair, which makes it a perfect treatment for client who don't want to lay down.

Aromatherapy Detoxifying Mud Wrap          75 min             $81.50

This luxurious treatment is a whole body mask.  We will exfoliate your body
with a combination of synergy blended essential oils and our peeling exfoliant.  
Then we will paint your body from head to toe with our special body muds that can 
detoxify and deeply moisturize the skin.  Your skin will feel like butter after this 

Full Body Massage                                       60 min              $72.50

This massage is from head to toe, leaving you relaxed and replenished.  A pampering relaxation massage or a therapeutic deep tissue treatment depending on your needs.  

    45 min       $56

                                                                    90 min          $108

Back/Neck/Shoulders                                  30 min        $44

For specific treatment in stressful areas.  We can extend this to a longer massage in 15 minute intervals.

Pre-Natal Massage                                       60 min              $72.50

A side-lying massage for the expectant mother to help cope with all the changes and stresses on your body during this special time. This pampering treatment will aid your sleep, reduce back ache and reduce swelling in the extremities.

 Table Shiatsu                                            75-90 min          $91.50

Shiatsu, translated from Japanese, means finger pressure.  Table Shiatsu is an incredibly relaxing treatment that follows the rhythm of your breath.  A combination of gentle pressure and stretches along your body's natural meridian lines will flush lactic acid, carbon dioxide and other metabolic wastes.  Oils are not used during Shiatsu and you will want to wear loose, comfortable clothing during treatment.

Kinesio Taping                              15 min    $15

Kinesio tape is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that supports injured muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. It promotes circulation to reduce edema, swelling and deep bruising. The tape is hypo-allergenic and latex free. It is thin and water resistant, making it compatible with sports equipment, exertion, water sports and bathing.