Tranquility Day Spa

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April 2019


Lash Lifts - Now Available

     Add dramatic curl to your lashes! For a bigger Wow Factor, combine a Lift with lash tinting. Lasts 6-8 weeks depending on lash growth and requires no after care! 



April Special  

Indian Head Massage and Infra-Red Sauna  $50  

Indian Head Massages are performed in a massage chair and focus on upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp. It is excellent for people who suffer from headaches or sinus problems (such as seasonal allergies!)

You can choose to use the sauna either before or after the massage, depending on the result you want. For tight muscles, sauna prior to massage acts like a hot pack for all your muscles, warming and relaxing them. Massage before sauna gets circulation of blood and lymph flowing and helps to "sweat it out". The Far Infra Red Sauna is a dry sauna, with no steam. The temperature can be completely controlled by the client and is completely private.

  Myofascial Cupping

 Myofascial cupping uses gentle suction that can affect tissues up to 4 inches of depth. It increases circulation of blood and lymph. It promotes healing and tissue repair, reduces edema, releases tight tissue and adhesions (knots). Cupping can reduce muscle spasms and pain.